A case of acute diarrhea, usually of an explosive nature. Often accompanied by a burning sensation. If the proper facilities are not reached in time, the feces could exit the body in a random pattern, hence the name.
"Dude, I was at the park the other day after I ate a bowl of my dad's chilli and I didn't make it to the toilet in time. Green apple splatters, it looked like thanksgiving in a retirment home."
by cpoc December 9, 2003
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aka "cider poo" drinking too much cider the nite before and waking up with more than a fat bird
damn i was throwing back the scrumpy last nite got a case of the "green apple splatters"
by kaaos_crust October 16, 2006
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The proper medical term (citation needed) for diarrhea induced by drinking excessive ammounts of gypsy juice causing a severe burning sensation to the anus on the way out.
Dave: "Kev are you OK in there?"

Kev : "No mate im shitting brown water that is burning the fuck outta my ass!"

Dave: "That'll be the green apple splatters, dude"

Kev : "It was your idea to buy that cheap fucking scrumpy, you twat!"
by MCMXCV April 26, 2008
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When you had a wonderful night around a good camp fire and had a few drinks and in the morning you go down to the blueberry patch and get a good fill of berries right off the plant good way to fill the belly in the morning wait... wait... that afternonn still have had anything else to eat and im in the liquor store in canada and whooppps theres that earge gladly i used the bathroom good thing it was a small town store or i would had a bad mishap in the cart space
dont eat alot blueberries in the morning on a empty belly
or you will have the green apple splatters
by jeff broadbely March 28, 2008
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diarrhea, cant get any simpler than that.
Guy #1 - Omg dude i gotta go to the bathroom!

Guy #2 - Whats wrong with him

Guy #3 - Hees got the Green Apple Splatter
by adhd7 April 7, 2009
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