Cider, especially rough scrumpy ciders.
Derived from the fact that scrumpy is the staple beverage of all gypsies.
Dave: "Fancy getting some beers in tonight, Kev?"

Kev : "I dunno dude, ive only got 74 pence!"

Dave: "Thats OK we can buy a whole Gallon of Gypsy Juice for that!"

by MCMXCV April 26, 2008
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Incredibly cheap wine made from fruit juice bought at walmart, as much table sugar as will disolve in it, a packet of brewers or bakers yeast, and fermented for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Wow, that gypsy juice tastes so bad!!!

last weekend we got yiddled on gypsy juice

i made 3 litres of gypsy juice for a buck fifty
by teeboy November 30, 2012
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A bag of white wine removed from it's cardboard box and slapped before it is drunk to enhance it's full flavor. It is lifted above the head and poured directly from the nozzle to the mouth.
It's Gypsy Juice, not a bag of wine. Get your shit together.
by Pony Tits December 29, 2011
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A young female of the gypsy descent who has a lower region of the female genitalia that smells extremely badly
That girls gypsy juice smells extremely badly
by JackKellyyy November 26, 2017
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