your shit turns green,breaks and slams down the toilet while you bleed out and scream in pain. death follows. usual symptoms are cramps, vegan foods and listening to pink floyd non stop. it killed even the aztecs who despised green. in some cases the forces of hell will force their way out leading to you not being able to die but also feeling unending butt pain.
joe: i can't hold it!

(2 hours later)

JOE! ( green shit fills the toilet while joe clings to life)

"i had the green apple splatters, my body is broken, OH GOD NO!!

(craps out skeleton) why can't i die? no dear god (gets dragged to hell)

honey i need to pee

go ahead


not again!
by I h8 nes March 24, 2014
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to be very ill, and take a green , diarea shit, and wipe it on a stick and serve it for lunch, along with a topping of several quiffs
Im going to pull a big green apple splatter on your mother.
by Jordan January 17, 2004
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saying ridiculous or awkward embarrassing things that have no context in the conversation.

Can also be described as conversation diarrhea or word vomiting.
That guy was so weird when he couldn't stop talking in that meeting. It was like he had green apple splatters of the mouth.
by mlo0224 April 15, 2010
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