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In the words of an African American friend of mine, only black people can take three words, combine them into one, and make it two syllables.
Yo nigga, you want nike or adidas?
Damn, bitch, give me bofum.
by cpoc March 23, 2004

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An expulsion of vaginal gas. See queef.
Well, it was my first time, and I couldn't figure out where the clit was, and suddenly she lets out this cooter pooter and I'm like, "Whoa, what the hell was that?" It was crazy, man.
by cpoc February 18, 2004

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Phrase conveying agreement used in suburban high schools in predominantly white communities.
"I think we should go bowling with other white people."
"Fo' shacka my cracka."
by cpoc December 04, 2003

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A case of acute diarrhea, usually of an explosive nature. Often accompanied by a burning sensation. If the proper facilities are not reached in time, the feces could exit the body in a random pattern, hence the name.
"Dude, I was at the park the other day after I ate a bowl of my dad's chilli and I didn't make it to the toilet in time. Green apple splatters, it looked like thanksgiving in a retirment home."
by cpoc December 09, 2003

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Lifers are characteristically unhappy unless they are presenting a knife-hand to your face. They use this action in conjunction with a verbal reprimand for extremely minor infractions of marine corps regulations. They believe this is the proper way to enforce such regulations and take sadistic pleasure every chance they get to exercise this practice, commonly referred to as "lifing". Lifers are typically sergeants or above but can also be found in lower ranks. Lifers, ironically but understandably, have no life.
"Hey devil dog, take your hands out of your fucking pockets."
"What a fucking LIFER."
by cpoc February 09, 2007

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In the male (and possibly female) restrooms of high schools, cheap ceiling panels can be pushed aside. This allows students to climb up into the ceiling (usually by using the handles in the handi-capped stall) where they can smoke weed during lunch. Should not be attempted by students over 300 pounds.
"Dude! There's people in the ceiling!"
"Cracks in the ceiling panels, man. Cracks in the ceiling panels."
by cpoc December 09, 2003

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A potentially deadly move in the martial art known as Sack-Chi, in which a sweaty man thrusts his unwashed scrotum into the eyes of his opponent.
Now that he has perfected the art of nuts to the face, Young Shitting Grasshopper can face his mortal enemy, Dark Cloud of Ass Juice.
by cpoc January 28, 2004

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