relaxing; resting; chilling out
(Creolese expression, as used in the Antilles, esp. Guyana)
I'm tired, I think I'll throw back for the rest of the day.
by Patrick Walen July 14, 2005
Referrence to vintage jerseys, usually of basketball persuasion. A jersey with a past design, no longer being worn by the team. Another important factor is to make sure the athlete who's name adorns your throw back, was playing for the team at the time the throw back jersey was actually worn on the court.
Little Mickey was shot twice by ghetto thugs for his throw back.
by your father August 26, 2003
a nostalgia for past cultural productions cultural icons (such as food, beverages, fashion designs, movies, literature) and technological inventions
i often have a throw-back for movies such as the Home Alone series. maybe i should have a throw-backer sometime?
by Sexydimma January 17, 2015
Old School. Ghetto clothing and accessories for the individual that's used at heart.
Yo, we should go to Philly to get some of those throw back sneakers.
by Ancega December 2, 2003
Another name for a cougar, an older woman who was really hot back in the day but is still appreciated today by guys who kids 20 years ago. She still likes her men young and can still get them.
Dude, look at that throw back over there, I bet she was hot back in 1985.
by Johnnie B. Bad May 25, 2010