Dude 1: Ayo son what that you drinking.

Dude 2:Mydude I'm drinking some brown water.
by Ty Loco April 8, 2008
Dude 1: Ayo what's good mydude what you doing?.

Dude 2: Nothing just chillin in the crib drinking some brown water with hoes.
by Ty Loco April 8, 2008
A group of top tank terrorists who go around shitting in the toilets of the people who done them wrong. Step on there feet, and your getting upper decked. Look at there girls, and your getting upper decked. Kick them out your parties,,, your getting upper decked.

They also go by other names such as Secret Stool Squad, Upper Deck Crew(UDC) and the Top Tank Terrorists. They currently have 6 members that dont play around. Using code words such as 'cranking a brown' ,'dropping bombs', 'dropping the cosby's in'', 'dropping brown Twinkies', 'watch the brown drop.
by Toliet July 31, 2009
chuncks of solid shit that ride a river of of diarrea.
by mutantlizard October 17, 2009
When you're walking up or down stairs naked and have explosive diarrhea, thus creating a "shit waterfall."
"I got so drunk last night i got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and instead went brown water rafting."
by frankiehustle June 23, 2015