bathroom, rest room (usually public) (origin probably Canadian slang)
After quaffing four beers, Joe made a run for the facilities.
by Mickey E July 21, 2005
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Something that is facile is something that is simplistic and that ignores complexities and nuances.


The current state of mainstream news analysis. The current state of (especially) Western or domestically internal political discourse regarding the issues of the contemporary world. The soundbite, the blurb, the blog. An explanation that fits in a browser screen-- an easy answer that can be bandied about in place of an informed, researched position. Facile articles are easily clickable news links on the Web, such that little or no sourcing or evidence is cited.
Person A: Muslims attacked us on 9-11. The Taliban needed to be taken out for harboring Al-Qaeda.

Person B: That rationale is facile. Haven't you considered for a moment that the Mujahideen were supported previously by the U.S. in Afghanistan? It's not so simple, you moron.


Person C: Hey, I read on a reputable news blog that Christ was invented by the Flavians to soften first-century Messianic Jewish insurgents against Rome.

Person D: As an agnostic, that is something I would like to believe; however, I think this is a facile story concocted by New Atheism in order to further an anti-religious agenda. What might be better is approaching an historic-religious understanding of ourselves and each other in the world we actually live in, rather than intensifying such harsh polemics in the face of a Fascist global system that will use any divisiveness to sic us to one another's throats for its own gain.
by Loveable Bastard1 October 15, 2013
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Prn. fah-sills. Abbrevation for facilities. Used to express bathroom or restroom.
I shouldn't have had so much coffee this morning! Now I really need to use the facils.
by Lady Keats September 10, 2009
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Maximum chilling or flexing . usually involves large consumption of alcohol , drugs and women .
YOLO ... I am dedicating my life to facility
by Sinev September 11, 2019
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Fille facile

One of many euphemisms for prostitute

Literally it means: easy girl.

So if you're ever in France, looking for some quick love,
that is one of the terms you need to be familiar with.
See also:

fille de joie
fille de la rue
fille du port
fille de trottoir
1: tu allais où hier soir ?
2: je partais avec quelque meuf, on baisait, elle me branlait et je jouissais dans sa bouche
1: une autre fille facile eh ? comme ta mère hahahahaha
2: ta gueule sale con
by rzhhhh July 9, 2010
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A rly fun game on roblox. You have to hide from the beast if ur a survivor and u have to capture all the survivors of ur the beast
I couldn’t stop playing flee the facility the other day. It’s so addicting
by hamburger2020 November 27, 2020
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The desired period of solitude and quietness when in a public restroom enabling oneself to release the bowels uninterrupted and unfettered.
I couldn’t snap my deuce this morning until I got some facility tranquility. It was like grand central station in the shitter for ten minutes.
by Eaton Holgoode January 10, 2019
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