Another name for Diarreah. The name comes from that you have to run to the toilet so you don't shit your pants
Sorry teacher john can't come to class... hel gots the Runs
*class starts laughing*
by NiceMan February 15, 2007
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when you forget your towel when you take a shower, and are forced to run (or walk)completely naked to your bedroom in order to obtain it.
have you made the run?
yeah, erika saw my butt.
by poopsrus August 14, 2008
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When you only eat veggies cleanse all week long and your clenching your ass on the way to the toilet.

When you decide to become a vegetarian.
Hey Sally I've been doing a veggie cleanse all week long, and Lord Almighty if I wasnt doing the run all the way to the toilet.
by Djmoneymunz November 27, 2017
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