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the dreaded shit you take where you wake up in cold sweats and get butt ass naked on the toilet and pray to god, crying, for your shits to stop
dude, i had the runs this morning and almost ended my own life
by @samyoule March 09, 2019
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Another name for Diarreah. The name comes from that you have to run to the toilet so you don't shit your pants
Sorry teacher john can't come to class... hel gots the Runs
*class starts laughing*
by NiceMan February 15, 2007
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A shorter Indian kid with a massive uncircumcised penis. He eats lunch with his closest friends (me included) and sometimes they all have fun in the bathroom together. ;) He has a massive bush and an itchy gouch. No homo tho Therun :)
Teen 1: "Yo lemme see that uncircumcised penis Therun."
Therun: "No pls. I'm a virgin."
Teen 1: "Even better."
by Sherwood Office February 06, 2019
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