Feces that are produced from a cow, but then worshiped and revered by hindus as they spread it on their walls and set it on fire for blessed heat.
Vikram is spreading cow shit on his walls and then his wife Poonam sets some cow shit on fire for the family to pray.
by OJ Stabs Em January 3, 2010
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Crap that comes out of a cow's anus
While walking through Uncle Barry's pasture, I stepped in a huge stinky pile of cow shit.
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 4, 2003
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noun. meaningless, worthless, and voluminous material; esp. written or published material.
The reporter's new book is 347 pages of cow shit about riding around Iraq in humvees.
by Omar Alaadin March 11, 2008
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Person 1: I heard Tyler stepped in cow shit the other day.
Person 2: Yes I heard that too, let's laugh about his misfortunes.
Person 1: (unhinges lower jaw and laughs demonically)
by Yeetus Deletus August 13, 2018
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Better organic material for growing hallucinogenic mushrooms than bullshit. Have a cow and you can grow your own!
New hippy-So I eat everything? The cow shit too?
Dairy farmer- Son, mushrooms are for some people it's just how do I say this, you're not one of those people. Hell cows are for some people it's just how do I say this, you're not one of those people. Go home boy before you poison yourself.
by Solid Mantis October 31, 2016
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When a mf thinks he’s good at a game but is shit
Hey bro I think I popped of this game *leader board your friend 800 score you 20,000 score* bro you didn’t pop off you’re cow shit at this game
by Sugar tits mcgee April 12, 2021
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Dave: does that always happen?

Jerry: Ya, it's as normal as cow shit pie
by The Graham March 17, 2009
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