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A drag queen term for a drag queen who looks like a real woman
Drag1: Ooh girl look she is dealing fish over there in that Forever21 rag!

Drag2: And it ain't trout honey...
by LadyBitch June 24, 2010
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a majestic creature, known only by few. If you cross paths with such a creature, don't move, if you do, it will summon its allies and nibble you to death.
dude, i was just swimming along and then bam! fish, right in front of me. it was wicked.
can you show me the scars?
by Happy sunshine rain November 21, 2016
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An animal that lives in the water and swims. They might kill you in some instances.
"Where's Kenny?"
"Dude, a fish killed him."
"Let's go play wiffle ball."
by Nick D March 06, 2003
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term for biological women used primarily by gay men, either in a positive or derogatory way.

also used by gay men to complement female looking drag queens or transgender women that appear 'real' or too convincing to be men.

see also 'fishstick'
"Ugh! Why are there so many fish in the club tonight?"

"Hey girl, look at you! You're looking fish tonight!"

"Hey fishstick! You get prettier every day!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
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The lights went out and the whole jail started to chant Fish Fish Fish
by HeadPlug April 05, 2004
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A new measurement system based on the ca. lenght of a fish (20cm)
I am 8,95 fishes tall (179cm)

Well I'm 9,5 fishes tall! hah I win!!! (190cm)

by Combustion Man from Denmark September 13, 2009
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