when some kid in an argument doesnt have anything better to say he just wails his arm everywhere and shouts out "YOU STUPID"
Since Carver didnt have a come back to Matt about how he dissed how his mom likes sloppy matts, carver just threw his arm everywhere and screamed YOU STUPID
by The Bus Driver February 20, 2005
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a sarcastic phrase often applied when somebody has asked or stated something that has made them seem unintelligent etc. hence the natural question "are you stupid?"
"hey that was sarcasm you just used on me!"

"ummm, yeah. are you stupid?"
by thebaconmeister March 20, 2010
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A faggot who is faggot fag faget and is a bundle of joy all abort fat party lane you stupid faggot
you stupid faggot jdhwof b wvduiqiu ed u377fiwiqnbflqk HD jxu
by Skooly skeet skeet January 20, 2018
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A term often used by Gordon Ramsey when talking to the idiots on Hell's Kitchen. Extremely handy when talking to a group of friends and you just want to make them laugh (If you're a tryhard).
Bob: Did you guys know that Roblox is actually the best game ever?
Lila: I swear, you stupid fucking donut...get out.
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Outdoing someone that was attempting to outdo you.
Like when Ashlee Simpson stole Fez away from LiLo and then LiLo banned Ashlee and Jessica from her MTV Award party and then the Simps went ballistic, banned LiLo from Jimmy Fallon's party and spread gossip about LiLo in all the celeb rags.

Take that you stupid elephant.
by Stupid Elephant January 24, 2006
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