the act of having a girl shit diarrhea on your chest then eating peices of whole corn out of it
"damn that birdlady wanted to cornmeal me last night" chris

" ewwww she nasty" ben
"acually I let her" chris"
"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" ben
by birdlove June 9, 2010
The state or quality of being very dry or thirsty.
Often used in the vocabulary in eastern Canadians.
"Pawn me soul, I'm dry as a cornmeal fart."
by MinDPhuK April 6, 2003
Eating out a vagina while eating Doritos/ captain crunch to camoflauge the taste of straight up vagina
I totally just cornmeal vagina'd this chica. It was sooooo tasty!
by klottman13cumtime August 18, 2011