Person who fails to achieve his or her potential. Used often when refering to students.
My kid is an underachiever. He's not an idiot though.
by jakub777 October 24, 2008
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The opposite of:

44 up, 15 down
Someone who is sooo much better than you that it pisses you off.

I hate that fucking overachiever!

by Blah Aug 8, 2003 email it
Yeah so what if all I did was copy and paste the definition of overachiever. I'm a true underachiever.
by rappathered March 25, 2008
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A rap group from BROOKLYN (Flatbush) that makes the absolute dopest shit. It's a duo, Issa Dash and AK. Their lyrics are insightful and smart, yet hard as fuck. Their most famous song is Herb Shuttles. The video for it is on youtube , lots of people turning up, bad bitches, and pounds of the dankest weed you'll ever see.

On a side note, they are part of the "Beast Coast" movement including Pro Era and Flatbush Zombies, and countless other new groups.
I just listened to Herb Shuttles by The Underachievers , and got stoned through the speakers.
by TheBeastOfTheCoast September 17, 2013
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Friendly name the Youtuber Noah Finnce gives his community or people who watch his videos.
Hello underachievers ! - Noah Finnce
by xartpopx July 3, 2019
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A person who does not perform to one's expectations.

A person who disappoints.
Dr. Manmohan Singh Indian Prime Minister
as described very well by Time Magazine. He was depicted on the front page as underachiever.
by Shobit September 29, 2012
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A poo that is so small it wasn't worth pooping.
When you go to the bathroom and all you get are a few rabbit pellets! That would get an underachiever poo award.
by HRL May 14, 2007
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One who spends all his free time posting new words to Urban Dictionary for their consideration.
Drew: Where's Aiden been lately, I haven't seen him?

Jake: He's always at the computer feeding new words to Urban Dictionary.

Drew: I didn't know he became an Urban Underachiever?
by shakerrr January 21, 2011
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