Caribs,Caribbean,West Indies.

1.People of the Aboriginal Indian, Carib tribe of the West Indies.

2.Descendants of African,Arabs,Chinese,European and South Asian Indian Migrated peoples who reside in the Caribbean Region.

3.The Caribbean Islands, located in the tropics, extends in a broad arc of over 4000 km from the Bahamas in the north
,near north America, to Trinidadin the south near south America The countries are widely different in physical and population size as well as landforms and geology.
The Carib tribe of the west Indies.
Nationals of the Caribbean.
The Geography of the Caribbean.
by Donny Ramsoondar July 4, 2004
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1-Tropical Paradise
2-Of or relating to the Caribbean Sea, its islands, or its Central or South American coasts or to the peoples or cultures of this region.
3-Of or relating to the Carib or their language or culture.
the eastern and southern West Indies or to the sea
by CSomaru November 12, 2003
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A group of islands between south america and noth america makes up the caribbean theres a lesser antilies thats makes up the smaller islands and the greater antilies that has the bigger
Random person on social media:were you live
Me: caribbean
Random person on social media:weres that?
Me: i dont know
by Dejboy1234 October 14, 2019
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The real deal; some good-ass weed. Shit of a certain calibur that can only be compared to the potent stuff that grows in the tropics. cousin and I bought a fat sack of Caribbean last night and got so fuckin' high, we ended up passing out on the couch after eating an entire turkey while watching Full House reruns.
by crackerAD January 17, 2006
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A state of which a person feels or believes they are in the Caribbean islands as a direct result of consuming large amounts of the region's famous and widely known rhum spirit.
With visions of palm trees and white sandy beaches, it's a clear case of Caribbeanitis
by S&M Distilleries September 16, 2017
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a strong metal clip commonly used in rock climbing to clip the climber to the rope, but now used a lot to hold key chains.
by tanya talks a lot May 30, 2008
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Blacks descending from any of the caribbean islands, that share similar traits to those of Beaners, descending from Mexico, for the fact that they do all of the local labor work.
Frederik, the caribbeaner from Aruba, mows my lawn then picks up all the dog crap.
by Noach August 31, 2007
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