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she is so tempting, sweet, honest, natural, intelligent, and bbbeeaauuttiiffuulllll!!!!!
when I see her my heart beats really fast as if I was going to drop dead. Her name rushes through my head like when the most money in the world. That girl was perfectly made in the most astounding way.
by Anthony February 27, 2004

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Another word for o.k.(okay)
M'kay class, can you all please stay seated, m'kay?
by Anthony April 24, 2003

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Male and/or female pubic genital hair
Do you trim or shave your bush?
by Anthony November 19, 2004

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the joining of the words "come" and "on", popularized by the great Michael Jackson. An early example appears in the song "BAD", from the album, "BAD"; "cha'mon, get on me..."
"hey you guys, cha'mon with those change orders!!"
by anthony March 23, 2005

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italian organized crime. Originated from Sicily and came to New York city. Dont mess with us. Extorted and made nice clubs. Good people.
The mob put a hit on Louie Brunizo.
by Anthony February 14, 2005

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To lay in bed and cuddle with a lover
The tall man enjoyed canoodling with petite women.
by Anthony December 02, 2003

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when one ejaculates on another's tummy or belly area
we all skeet skeet motherfucker!
by anthony November 16, 2003

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