When a bitch is trying you and you need them to "fuck a duck".
It means "fuck off", but with a little bit of humor.
When you cant stand an annoying person and just want them to leave.
Go fuck a duck Jerry i am tired of dealing with you right now.
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by urbanDICKitionary June 21, 2017
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An expression used when frustrated
Person 1: Layouts for the next week?

Person 2: Fuck A Duck!!
by JasonHunt July 15, 2011
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Much like Oh Shit but not said near as loudly. Used when something goes way wrong.
You spill a hot cup of coffee, you exclam "Fuck a Duck"
by Beeatrice April 06, 2010
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The term used by people when realising a mistake that can not be rectified and would mean doing the task from scratch. i.e. Sticking a note on a floppy disk and holding it down with a magnet.

An unfortunate incident meaning the need to outburst a comment to show the annoyance of the person in question.
Sandy: wakie wakie, time to get up sunshine its finals day.
Rachelle: What time is it? I got to get to physics test by 9.
Sandy: sorry its 10, you looked so peaceful sleeping I thought you deserved a lay in.
Rachelle burring head in pillow: Fuck a duck!
by tomlizard June 09, 2010
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