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A girl with an ungodly large RED and hairy gorilla bush. Referred to as an orangutang due to the red coloring. ALso see gorilla.
"I fucked this orangutang last night, homie."
"this chick with an orange gorilla bush!"
"oh nice bro"
by fronk February 23, 2008
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An Irish person, due to their similar hair color (orange). Especially insulting in Northern Ireland since orange is the color of loyalists.
Ape names are usually reserved for niggers, but the Irish have been called the niggers of Europe. They are closest to white orangutangs!
by Celt September 07, 2004
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where you dont whipe all that well and you get a red ass like an orangutangs butt
i have orangutang after i took that huge oilie
by madman13 May 15, 2006
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