Common misspelling of suRprise. Seriously stop spelling it like this it is stupider than spelling hamster with a p in it.
by Muzza2k March 10, 2007
1. v.t.: to challenge by inquiring what's going on. In origin, a contraction of "sup?" (from African American Vernacular English) and "uprise" (from American anarchist counterculture movement). Not to be confused with surprise.

2. n: the act of suprising someone or something.
If you want to stage an intervention, it's often useful to start with a gentle suprise.

You really suprised me the other day when you asked about my relationship (with food, with my father, with that business establishment). I hadn't thought about what I was doing that way before.
by heaventwig February 26, 2010
1. This is what they call it when you get a religious lecture from a pot smoker that is, suprisingly, more religious than you.

2. For you dolts looking, what they call something that happens unexpectedly or without warning. Typically this also deals with a rush of some sort and then the pink carrots come in and take over the world.
2. You realize that you were never a carrot at all but a twinkie, which comes as a suprise to you.
by Lily Black July 10, 2006
The toilet seat closing in a quiet house knocked me right into suprision!
by dustburn April 28, 2007
The incorrect way to spell surprised.

There's two R's, people, not one!
'I was so suprised when my boyfriend finally asked me to marry him.' Emma posted on Facebook, only for someone to correct her grammar.
by you're not the boss of me February 15, 2019
Slang for marijuana, smoking marijuana or being under the influence of marijuana.
Hey man, can you get me some suprise?"; I was so suprised when I got to work today."; "I am throwing a suprise party."
by ulti-nexus November 21, 2010
To be suprised
He suprised her
by h543 January 16, 2016