by pigeonsyndrome November 13, 2019
Synonymous with peasant. A pigeon is a label used to describe a male in which a female does not, and will never, take seriously. A pigeon, just like a peasant, is automatically disqualified & forgotten about the moment they're classified as a pigeon.
1. Tell that pigeon to get lost.

2. Can you just ask that pigeon yourself?

3. For Christs sake Mindy, leave that pigeon alone!

4. Just let him flock with the rest of the pigeons.

5. What a pigeon!

6. He was quite the pigeon.

7. I'm never dating another pigeon like him again (*dates another pigeon*).

8. What do I gotta do for this pigeon to stop hitting me up?!
by KimberlyDee June 19, 2020
A no-value person who flies into a meeting, eats all the food, shits on everyone, and then flies away.
Tom is such a pigeon at board meetings.
by Bobsled10 July 18, 2022
someone who is annoying and you simply cannot deal with.
This history teach is such a pigeon. The guy just rambles on and on for an hour and a half and then makes us write a paper on the Xiu Chi Min society. Teach is so dust.
by kenny chezney February 21, 2022
A small feathered creature that eats french fries and like to defacate ontop of people, cars, important things. A subspecies of bird. Also known as the feathered rat or gutter bird.
by Fred September 23, 2003
a key or kilo of cocaine
lil jay's got pigeons for 17 1/2 G's a piece
by powadekim May 10, 2006