a term used when the situation sucks so bad and you can't do anything. best said after a sigh
Michial: yo, dude your girlfriend is getting fucked by your brother
Wilth: *sigh* Well, Fuck
by AnonymousMKII March 17, 2010
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A term you would use if you had just given someone a good idea on something but they reject your idea.
Chad: "Hey let's go eat and then see a movie!"
Joyce: "No, I've gotta go grocery shopping."
Chad: "Well fuck it then!"
by the true definition April 10, 2015
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When something bad is about to happen to you and you know you deserve every bit of it, but still weren't expecting it. This is what you say
-Hey charlie -Yeah? -I'm gonna kill you now. -Well. fuck
by lurkinthedark August 30, 2010
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When something bad about to happen and you have 0 control over it at this point
"I will be unable to pay rent this month..
well... Fuck."
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It’s when you conpletely fuck up.
Rob: Did you ask for head?
John: Well fuck.
by 🅱️Amn October 17, 2018
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After that jonny fast pants session I was well fucked
by rudi October 29, 2006
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When you're left wordless and awed by something...
It might be heart-rending, it might be confounding...but mostly it's something that leaves you feeling less ego-centric and grateful to be a smaller bit of the human experience.
"Well, fuck me! Didja see that Golden Retriever just save a whole family from a burning building and then help an old lady across the street straight thereafter?"
by Hymay April 14, 2014
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