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a follower of cool people. also 'public servant' referring to a person who is required to perform duties for others
bob: man i could go a coke
servant: oh bob i'll go get you one
by bob October 16, 2003
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a peron who thinks they are very "internet savvy" but they just make them self look stupid.
n00b : HAHA I PWND J00!!!
guy : lol n00b
guy : wat a n00b
by bob February 22, 2004
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The hole of the ass where the shit comes out.
Dave has a plunghole
by bob March 6, 2005
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In western Canada bohunks are Ukranians
The other team had these two bohunk defensemen, brothers, with too many letters in their names to fit on their sweaters.
by bob July 21, 2003
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Dried flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant - often smoked in a pipe or cigarette; sometimes ingested. Origin of this word is rumoured to have arisen from references to the "Poot poot" sound made by Popeye's pipe (what was he smoking?)
Hey Carlo, lets's smoke some pooter.

Last night I got fla-tooter-pootered!
by bob October 29, 2003
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A team habitually 2-4 games behind the yankees- an amazing feat, actually, since they don't own half the US and pay those who warm the pine 5 million a season, like the Evil Empire.
guy#1-"hey look- the yankees lost 500 million in the stock market!"
guy#2-"It's ok- they've got billions more!"
by bob September 30, 2003
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one who inhales semen in massive intakes
His completely whit lips throat and mouth show that Pat is indeed a goo guzzler.
by bob January 28, 2005
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