1. An access-controlled, divided highway.
2. Rapper signed with Roc-a-fella
3. To leave a location promptly (such as to bounce)
1. I just drove 66 miles per hour on the freeway; I'm a badass.

2. I just heard Freeway spit on that new And 1 mixtape, and it was hotter than your mom.

3. Hey, its getting pretty late- I think imma freeway outta this joint.
by NRidiculous October 21, 2007
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Famous rapper that lives in Barret Run, the development across the road from me.
"Dude, Freeway lives in Barret Run... why would a rapper live in a beat townhouse? You tell me"
by Zero August 9, 2004
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Another crappy rapper signed to Rocafella records. He has a long beard. If he only owned a turban he would look like Osama Bin Laden. I enjoy beating the shit out of him in Def Jam: Fight For NY
Wow, Freeway sucks immensely. He should hang up the mic because he blows so badly.
by Rootbeer March 14, 2005
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rapper for the notorious ROCaFella records. BTW check out another rapper that goes by the name Fpos.
by Wiggity Wack April 3, 2004
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Freeway is the area under the ring ropes. It is often said "the wrestler is reaching under the freeway". It is called a freeway because a wrestler who gets his hand or foot under the ring rope means that wrestler is now free and his opponent must break the hold.
John Cena got to the "freeway" of the ring rope area.
by DestructionMania August 6, 2009
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freedom for americans and freedome for mexicans!
wall (or fence) won't work. build a freeway on USA/mexico border. re-route all LA diesel trucks on southern border freeway. Up the speed limit to 100 MPH remove fuel tax on gas stations on border freeway.

freedom for americans & mexicans for what mexican fool would cross such a road! mexicans will build their own cuntry and be free! NO
by itichie_nocanpo July 4, 2006
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“Freeway Envy” is when you’re stuck in traffic that is not moving at all, then you look over at the opposite side, and the people are flying a long in their cars without a care in the world, and you wish that was you.
Jan was definitely experiencing FREEWAY ENVY while stuck in traffic, and saw the opposite side of the road moving right a long at a fast pace”
by Julesheart November 16, 2022
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