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What we Australians use or ride to get from A to B.
My kangaroo was so slow on the way to school today, it felt like i was riding a koala.
by Scott Graham June 04, 2005
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Kangaroo is the 13th zodiac sign.The dates of that zodiac sign are currently unknown as the only known Kangaroo is Rebenciuc who keeps his birth date secret.Yet we only knows one Kangaroo we know for sure that it is by far the best zodiac sign.It is superior in every single aspect to the other signs.Also,Kangaroos tend to be really fat,have weird fetishes on feet like Cezar Petru Popescu and have crushes on girls who are 50-60 years younger than them.
That guy is mainstream...he can't be a Kangaroo.He must be a libra though.
by Aurel Magicianu' May 08, 2019
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An Australian marsupial. We usually own about 2 or 3 per family and instead of public transport, and cars, we like to be safe (and prevent green house gases) by taking a kangaroo!
Oh and if you're american, they will kick your ass.
Bob "Haha look at that kangaroo beating the crap out of that american!"
Fred "Yeah, lets go take a kangaroo downtown."
by gina hamiltom October 26, 2006
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A hooded sweatshirt with a pouch on the front to put your hands inside if it's cold.
My girlfriend likes to wear my kangaroo because her jacket is too thin.
by monkey40 July 23, 2009
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Shoes from the seventies that have zippered pockets on the sides.
Used to hold change, money, and/or condoms.
"do you need a condom? cause ive got some in my shoes!"
by Sam April 04, 2004
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Describes a woman who's ass is huge, but her top half is tiny. (Little t-rex arms and wee tits), so she looks like a kangaroo.
Man,look at that marsupial of a chick. She's a kangaroo!
by gogo April 28, 2004
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