What we Australians use or ride to get from A to B.
My kangaroo was so slow on the way to school today, it felt like i was riding a koala.
by Scott Graham June 5, 2005
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Guy: "my favorite animal is a kangaroo; it's basically a giant rabbit that can KICK YOUR ASS!"
by kn8 2.0 May 19, 2009
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An Australian marsupial. We usually own about 2 or 3 per family and instead of public transport, and cars, we like to be safe (and prevent green house gases) by taking a kangaroo!
Oh and if you're american, they will kick your ass.
Bob "Haha look at that kangaroo beating the crap out of that american!"
Fred "Yeah, lets go take a kangaroo downtown."
by gina hamiltom October 26, 2006
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A hooded sweatshirt with a pouch on the front to put your hands inside if it's cold.
My girlfriend likes to wear my kangaroo because her jacket is too thin.
by monkey40 July 23, 2009
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Describes a woman who's ass is huge, but her top half is tiny. (Little t-rex arms and wee tits), so she looks like a kangaroo.
Man,look at that marsupial of a chick. She's a kangaroo!
by gogo April 28, 2004
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A person who cares for children (in Spain).
Do you know why there are so many kangaroos in Australia?
Because the parents are always going out partying.
by Manolo_in_Zaragoza October 28, 2011
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People went to Australia and saw these things that liked to bounce. they went to the aboriginees and where likt "wtf are those things?? *points and fuzzy hopping thing with pouch"* and the aboriginees said "kangaroo" so they thought they were called kangaroos but really kangaroo means "I don't understand your question." in aboriginee.
" lyke oh em gee doubleyou tee eff is that thing? " "kangaroo..??" "ah ok! Kangaroo!!!' *thinks* " i didnt ask you a question you dumb fucker..."
by jo mama October 3, 2004
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