Approximately, coming from the Latin for "circle", which can be used in reference to "around."
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits was released (circa) 1996.
by E. Keyte April 12, 2005
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"right before the towers fell circa 99" - Bo Burnham
by ScissorLuv111 January 2, 2022
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A skate brand, known for their shoes more than anything. I myself bought Circa shoes three years in a row because of two things: comfort and quality. Circa shoes beat the snot out of any other skate shoe brand (mostly other brands' suede shoes). I've also tried Etnies and Element shoes, but Circas take the cake.
Damn my Circa shoes are effin' comfortable!
by clothes guy August 9, 2007
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"Damnn, That Girl's Feet are Mofrickin CIRCAAA!"
by Samsterfishh. February 21, 2009
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Unique name for a unique femme. A beautiful musician and artist. She's strong inside and out, and is just the right amount of asshole. Artistically satisfied and happy, they never age. Hence, the term that defines a period in time.

She's ageless, she's Circa.
by Tiny_Tim February 13, 2010
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