sex wit 3 or more pple.
fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo finger bang and orangotang orgie at the zoo.
by shivi March 1, 2004
The act of sex, involving more than 2 people; group sex.
Wow, can you believe Tim, Crystal, and Mark had an orgie together?
by Megan!! November 30, 2005
an orgasim acheived with 3 or more people.
last night i had an orgie with jeff,kurt,and jhonny.
by Olivia July 19, 2004
A common misspelling of the word orgy.
Dude, their was an orgie last night...
by JamStation April 1, 2006
when a bunch of people get together to trade STD's
five or more people all having sex is an orgy
by Swayzeebaby October 13, 2011
A group of more than four people having sex in the same area.
We had a huge orgy at Bob’s house.
by Swinfough February 24, 2018
Five or more consenting persons engaging sexual intercourse in the same place over the same period of time. Synonymous with group sex. Common props include drugs, alcohol, toys, etc. but are not neccesary.
Sex with Dick, Jane, and Sally: Threesome
Sex wirh Dick, Jane, Sally, and Henry: Foresome
Sex with Dick, Jane, Sally, Henry, and Susie: Orgy
by always.never April 17, 2007