gay slang referring to a male who is both a bottom and a top
(someone who both receives and inserts his dick during anal sex)
ben: omg kyle is so hot, i want him to top me so bad
jerry: uh, he’s a verse
ben: nevermind. knowing he’s been dicked down before turns me off...
by hoeflavour October 21, 2020
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Ain't them Reavers just the most impolite folks in the whole goddamn verse
by MegaJim December 17, 2005
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v. verse, versed, versing

to face off in a competitive two-player video game. The verb form of the word "versus," "vs." or "v."
I versed Michael in Street Fighter 2; needless to say, I won handily.
I can't, Mom, I'm busy versing Tom in Mario Golf at the moment!
Let's verse each other in Madden '05.
by eugene3 June 07, 2005
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A few lines of a rap or song. The best verses in history have come from Tupac Shakurs mouth.
How's it hangin? Cause baby from the back the shit is bangin
I've been stressin in this ghetto game, tryin to do my thang
Won't be no bullshit, no ass-kissin
This bitch'll have ya wakin up with all your cash missin
I'm askin, as if I'm qualified to analyze
You're lookin at a bitch who specialize in tellin lies
She got a body make a motherfucker fantasize
Her face ain't never shed a tear through them scandalous eyes
by Shady August 04, 2004
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To oppose another player in a video game. This is from "vs." or "versus."

The only people who may use this are little kids.
"X is versing Y!"

from verse.
by Downvoting Victim April 12, 2010
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the Uiverse as described in the series Firefly created by Joss Whedon
No power in the verse can stop me. (Said by Mal first then Kaylee, but River adopted it after she single-handedly stopped Niska's men from boarding Serenity.)
by gorramreavers December 15, 2005
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Slang ala Firefly for 'universe.'
"No force in the verse can stop me."
by gumblebee November 14, 2005
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