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To be in a daze, or comatose - usually induced by a crunk night.
Pete has the SARS and has been in a FOGG for a week.
by Chocolate H February 28, 2005
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A bitchy ass fake G' who tries to act dope, but usually just looks like a twat.
Sam Fogg: That kids such an antipoon!!

Alex: Dude, all you got was a rim job from a mexican bitch with a moustache!!!

Sam fogg: And i got some with that sabrina!!!

Alex: Your such a Fogg!!! and a bitch hoot!
by FOGGS A BITCH February 19, 2009
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Being in a FOGG comes with age. Getting old you tend to put on weight, your hair turns gray, you start forgetting things and you start feeling like crap.

So to summarize this general feeling in one word, that would be FOGG (Fat Old Gray Guy).
How are you doing?

I'm feeling like a FOGG.


Yeah, a Fat Old Gray Guy!!!!
by Javy March 05, 2007
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