A man of intelligence, handsome, well hung, astute.
If someone displays any of those characteristics...

"Dude, your name should be Pete!."
by MokoRules February 24, 2009
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The one responsible for April 20th; the night he flies over everyone’s houses to squeeze and twist the nipples of everyone within 6 hours. I mean EVERYONE, Pete doesn’t discriminate.
Pete is streaming Apex Legends instead of twisting everyone’s nipples like the lord he is.
by GrassiestOfTheGrassy July 25, 2021
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Argentine word for blowjob.
A derivative of the word "Chupete" (pacifier).
It´s pronounced "Peh-teh".
... Haceme un pete y vemos (Do me a Pete and we´ll see)
by Argentinman July 10, 2008
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Petes are fun loving sexy lads. They're tall making them masculine and strong and are total lovemaking machines!! Often have very large members
Mmmmm let's go chat to Pete if you know what i mean ;)
by cactus plant November 14, 2016
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1) when a new kid goes to a new school and starts making all the boys and girls fall in love with him
omfg that guy is pete-ing everyone, yeah i know! he's already pete-ed eho and vlo. what a pete!
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Pete is a funny person, usually and Grandpop, that is always making smart remarks like he is cool. Pete, also known as Peter, is very racist, and loves to say the word bitches when pulling up to the Mall. He loves to cook and make fun of Asians.
Pete was talking about the smell of the Negroes today.
by Geoleo123 May 30, 2011
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