Gray's are very beautiful people. They're very generous and they often see the good in people. Though, they may seem happy and positive. Gray's often don't have much confidence. They are very shy around older people, but act tough around younger kids. Although Gray's are shy. They love being on stage and acting out their favorite performances. They are very talented when dancing and singing. Gray's will always put others before themselves. They push away their problems, fears, and emotions. They will act happy to make you happy. Gray's try to impress people they like. They can love you for no reason or hate you for no reason if they want. Gray's are usually very open and accept you for who you are. No matter your gender, sexuality, religion, or race, they'll love you for you. That's why Gray's are truly a treasure and you should keep them. If you're lucky enough to meet a Gray, she is truly worth getting to know because she will always love you for you. She may seem rough on the outside, but she has a soft core.
Person 1: Wow. She's really nice and generous!
Person 2: She sure is a Gray.
by Gray13Hollow December 10, 2017
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A beautiful shade, either dark or light. People with the last name Gray are usually mysterious, intriguing, and will mesmerize you..
Did you see that beautiful gray suit, he was wearing?

by Janeska September 02, 2008
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The most amazing person in the world, who is very athletic and awesome. and he is a lot better then his friend max.
Gray: Hey

Girls: *Faint*
by hello, i am awesome April 19, 2013
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A handsome, soul. While dark times surround him, he finds ways to make it a laugh. An artist, friend, and so much more. We all strive to be Gray.
Woah, Gray is really sweet.”

“He is, isnt he!
by Yourboigray June 24, 2019
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A shade of white darkened by black. Also the coolest persons name. She loves grey goose.
gray goose got me loose, and I killed joeys moose cuz it went on the loose with a bottle of booze. Kicked him in the nuts and he said "what the deuce?!?" so I grabbed his face, opened his eyes and poured down some poisonous juice
by Mike Do Double G February 25, 2010
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An unprecedentedly amazing, humorous, and charismatic man. First making an appearance at Peninsula Regional Hospital on February 4th, 1992.
Look there goes Gray, he gets so gnarly.
by Gravytrain101 April 22, 2011
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