blurry; a lost state of mind that might eventually go away. Sometimes considered enjoyable and makes time pass quickly. Not a care in the world
I have been stuck in a daze all week with people asking me questions and me not caring anymore about anything
by Brian,Kara April 10, 2004
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To stun or stupefy, as with a heavy blow or shock.
To dazzle, as with strong light.
The inability to look away from someone or some thing.
To lose clear vision, especially from intense light.
To be overcome as with astonishment or disbelief.
When I looked at him, it felt as though I were in a daze.
by Broken. September 7, 2005
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a state of being "in the zone" or not exactly being "with it"
Casey returned from the counselor in a daze, "Sorry I wasn't paying attention I was in a daze."
by Brittany and Haley October 25, 2005
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After smoking cannabis/weed your mind starts to wander off into a deep state of thought a seemingly alternate fixation of reality.
Man that girl is so dazed she's been smoking it all day!
by blacksheepwall October 19, 2020
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Adjective. A portmanteau of "dazzling" and "amazing", meaning "more amazing than amazing", or "dazzlingly amazing".
That girl I saw at the nightclub, she was totally dazing.
by Ensign64 September 18, 2018
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When someone is ignorant or not aware of something that they ought to know.
Just because a woman is fat does not make her booty attractive bro, you're dazed. Tbh I've seen some pretty fat ass chicks with some flat ass cheeks you nam sayin' !
by thEbX41 November 1, 2012
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Day Blaze, to smoke marijuana during the day time.
You trying to daze tomorrow if we don't have school?

I'll be over at noon.
by 420I024 January 27, 2011
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