“The Fraternal Order of Gab Groypers” - also known as “FOGG” is an exclusively online, elite, secret society known for its high ranking members’ ability to sway real world events and political action. The group has received large amounts of public backlash particularly from prominent right wing figures such as Sean Hannity, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, and several others. FOGG has claimed responsibility for swaying several elections such as the 2020 presidential election. Reporters from the Anti-Defamation League have attempted to reach out to the group unsuccessfully, raising questions to if the group even exists at all. One thing is certain, if this group exists they are to be avoided at all costs!
Did you see what FOGG did to Andrew Torba? Comedy gold!
by Wiz-G August 17, 2022
Being in a FOGG comes with age. Getting old you tend to put on weight, your hair turns gray, you start forgetting things and you start feeling like crap.

So to summarize this general feeling in one word, that would be FOGG (Fat Old Gray Guy).
How are you doing?

I'm feeling like a FOGG.


Yeah, a Fat Old Gray Guy!!!!
by Javy March 6, 2007
To be in a daze, or comatose - usually induced by a crunk night.
Pete has the SARS and has been in a FOGG for a week.
by Chocolate H March 1, 2005
A bitchy ass fake G' who tries to act dope, but usually just looks like a twat.
Sam Fogg: That kids such an antipoon!!

Alex: Dude, all you got was a rim job from a mexican bitch with a moustache!!!

Sam fogg: And i got some with that sabrina!!!

Alex: Your such a Fogg!!! and a bitch hoot!
by FOGGS A BITCH February 19, 2009
An extremely large bowel movement.(originated in the 3rd floor logg jammer ride in central Pennsylvania)
"I have to go to the restroom, to drop a fogg logner."
by Nugget March 26, 2005
a high school in Nashville tn where people are either juuling in the bathroom or being christian. nobody really does their work but complains about their grades and if u know the right people there are a lot of hard drugs involved in the high school experience.
"So where do you go to school?"
"Hume Fogg"
"Oh lit. Wait, do you know what lit means?"
by gangshit42069 January 5, 2019