A hard drug is a scary substance with a high potential for abuse, death, or severe addiction. Trying these drugs can lead to a sad life as a junkie.
Examples of hard drugs include crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, opium and most things that require you to use a needle.
by ugspuggle March 23, 2010
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Hard Drugs are anything hard on the body.
They are moderately to highly addictive substances. These substances usually have a high overdose rate. Most of them are laced with other substances. These drugs tend to cause people to throw away their lives.
Drugs include: Meth, Crack,Heroin, fentanyl, flakka,bath salts, opiates, nitrous oxide or whippets.
Homeless man: do you have any Hard Drugs?
Dealer: No man only your party enhancers
by Mysticjigsaw97 June 12, 2019
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