When something is turned up or popping ...
John : did you go to that party last night

Daquan : yes that shit was lit
by fatoubobala January 24, 2014
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What millennials use when describing that is 'fire' or 'dope'. Meaning cool or awesome.
Rapper #1: Ey, bruh want some weeeeeeeeeeeeeed?
Rapper #2: Yo, that shit lit, bruh lemme at it.
by @realdolanddump July 04, 2018
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actually becomes un-lit when overused or used excessively
"Oh man we were so lit last night, that was a lit ass time with lit ass friends." stfu this word used excessively becomes lame and un-lit and makes u seem like a try hard mf
by doghoe44 December 10, 2016
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a word that stupid middle school guys use b/c they want to sound cool
wow, that class was lit af
by suckadicksssssssssssssssssssss November 06, 2017
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