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A deviant sexual practice between 2-4 men, a gerbil, and a humidifier. The gerbil is made wet by the humidifier and inserted into each gentleman in sequence.
The cops broke up four guys hume fogging each other in the park last night.
by Gaetan August 27, 2008
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A magnet high school in the state of Tennessee. It has four floors and 50 different sets of stairs. Getting from place to place in that school is like running a 10k marathon without feet, hardest thing ever. It would be easier to live in the Sahara without water for a year. Of course, there are elevators in the school but those are for the weak. Hume-Fogg is a battle royale that won't let you die. You are either crowned a king, or left for a life worse than death.
Person 1: "I go to Hume-Fogg."
Person 2: "That school where everyone is walking 20 miles from class to class?"
by Bill Nye ate my Chicken Nugget September 17, 2018
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An academic magnet school located in downtown Nashvlle, Tennessee. Produces fantastic test scores as well as many successful alumni such as Randell Jarell, Bettie Page, and Dinah Shore. Also has a great arts program, including a visual arts program which dominated the Frist Center for the Visual Arts Center's high school ehibit regularly, a show choir which wins national competitions anually, and a blues band which is favored by the mayor over any other high scool blues band in the district (granted, the sports teams do suck). Feeder school: Meigs Magnet
"Yeah, I hung out with this kid from Hume-Fogg the other day."

"Ew, gross. I heard Hume-Fogg kids can read or something."
by archeronnnn. November 19, 2006
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a high school in Nashville tn where people are either juuling in the bathroom or being christian. nobody really does their work but complains about their grades and if u know the right people there are a lot of hard drugs involved in the high school experience.
"So where do you go to school?"
"Hume Fogg"
"Oh lit. Wait, do you know what lit means?"
by gangshit42069 January 04, 2019
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