AKA Nashvegas/Cashville. Nashville is made out to be the country music capital, complete with cowboy hat sporting rednecks and honkytonk saloons. In reality Nashville is a pretty diverse and overall fun place to be. There's plenty of bars around town that play anything but mainstream country. You can catch amazing Bluegrass/Rock/electro and be blown away. It's home to mad bluesman Jack White and his infamous Third Man Records HQ. There are plenty of cool record stores (Grimey's, Phonolux, Great Escape) and smokey coffee shops (Bongo Java, Frothy Monkey and the ultimate indie Cafe Coco). Burgeoning hipster-mecca East Nashville is full of fun and entertainment on any given night. There are several universities such as ivy-leaguey Vanderbilt, Christian/Stoner Belmont, and stuckup prepville Libscomb, to name a few. Nashville is pretty much weed capitol of the south, and has it's fare share of meth-heads as well. Independent movie theatre the Belcourt has it's fair share of Rocky Horror screenings and Hitchcock festivals and the Frist center is a fantastic art museum.
Guy 1: I me this dude in Nashville the other day, and he was pretty tight, not at all your typical cowboy poseur. We smoked a bowl and saw this sick band.

Guy 2: Word!
by Nashvillain420 April 29, 2010
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Home of the late Johnny Cash and birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger. A land of milk and honey where the air smells like lollypops and 90% of residents urniate potable, premium flavored coffee.
While walking down peaceful 12th Avenue in Nashville, I encountered a Unicorn sitting on a giant marshmallow. He played me a song on his old guitar and then spent 20 minutes carefully shaving ice to craft a raspberry-flavored snow cone for me.
by The Sarcastic Wordsmith August 29, 2006
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The site of Fort Nashborough on the Cumberland River in north-central Tennessee. The Tennessee state capital and county seat to Davidson County, the 2nd largest in the state with about 570,000 residents. Known as "Music City, USA" it was the former capital to the recording of Country and Western Music, Bluegrass and Southern Gospel Music before the industry went to greener pastures in Branson, Missouri. It is still home to the Grand Ole Opery. It has more churches than almost any other city and is the headquarters to the Southern Baptist Convention, the world's largest Protestant denomination. Its largest industry is actually services and healthcare. Nashville is the home to former President Andrew Jackson, former Vice President Al Gore and actress Reese Witherspoon.
Nashville is the 2nd largest city in Tennessee.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com July 7, 2007
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1) Capital city of the state of Tennessee, known as Music City USA, because of the large number of recording studios and performance venues (most famous: the Grand Ol' Opry), specializing mostly in country and western music. 2) The country music business or country music artists in the collective.
Sheryl Crow is establishing herself as a Nashville artist, after a successful rock career.
by LudwigVan November 13, 2003
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Site of the birth -and death - of Country Music.
Music is a Business in Nashville.
by ThePointe April 15, 2009
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A tiny-as-hell, boring-as-fuck tourist town located in the middle of nowhere in southern Indiana. Often mistaken for the capitol of Tennessee when used in conversation.
Where are you from?
Oh I love Tennessee!
-...Wrong Nashville, dickhead. The one in Indiana...

by WhiteWitch March 27, 2009
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The state capital of Tennesse and its 2nd largest city. Music City, USA. Country Music Capital of the World. Home to the Grand 'Ole Opry. Nashville is probably best known as the center of the production of music, especially crappy Country/Western music. Nashville is currently constructing what will be the tallest building in the South and the tallest in the U.S. outside New York and Chicago. Nashville, the city with America's tallest building outside New York and Chicago? Yes. Whoda' thunk it?
Nashville is a happinin town, although comparitively small when compared to New York, L.A. or Chicago.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com October 1, 2007
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