To be royally fucked over by someone, to leave you in the shit.

To be left in the lurch by your boss or a figure that usually delegates to you, boss, parents, government etc etc

When you have been fletched you have been the victim of someone else being stupid and messing up, instead of dealing with it themselves you have left to clear up their mess, usually very stressful, time consuming and costly.
Had a great weekend, went in early monday morning and found that one of the directors had completely fucked a load of orders up with the factory, I then spent the next week clearing up the mess and even had to send someone to ROME in Italy, JUST to deliver some product to a customer. All because i'd been FLETCHED by my boss.
by HelloChris July 30, 2008
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The action of cutting different types of wood in order to make archers equipment such as bows, arrows and crossbows.
-Hey, what is your Fletching level?
-My Fletching level is 99.
-Cool, can you assist me for this effigy?
-Sorry, I am maxed for today.
by RuneScaper April 21, 2012
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Leader of fletchanism. God of the mountains. Not to be recond with. Master of the falling snow
I will bow to the almighty Fletch.
by Snow God November 30, 2006
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1) <verb> To put fins onto an arrow's body to increase it's accuracy. The name "Fletcher" comes from this trade, usually a Fletcher was one who made the entire arrow, not just Fletching.
2) <noun> Usually the nickname of anyone with the name of 'Fletcher.'
FLETCHER: "I am a Fletcher, I Fletch."

LAD: "Hey Fletch."
FLETCH: "T'allreet lad."
by Stuart Fletcher January 19, 2005
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one who crazes for sex, aka loves to bang
Why are you such a fletch?
by Wil March 21, 2005
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A fletch is when you introduce a women who you snogged at the bar, fell in love with and planned your whole life with, all in under half an hour. Then you see your boys, go into peacock mode and start the introductions only to introduce her to her own boyfriend.

awkward . . . . .
"oh man . . i met a girl last night in the club,fell in love, snogged her then only ended up doing a fucking

fletch and introducing her to my mate who turned out to be her boyfriend "
by sidefurr11 May 7, 2017
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