A wildcard entrance to a conversation that you are not invited to.
"My mate has a 350 chev with a turbo 400 gearbox in his hq one tonner, its funny because the gearbox isn't actually turbo"'nasal laugh'
"My mate from church group once ate a whole aluminium soft drink can"
by aus90 February 3, 2017
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someone you introduce to others when you really ain't got a clue who they are
by blue ship October 1, 2006
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The imaginary person who's always with you should you feel the need to use him.
(in the pub, at a table with one empty seat)

Randomer who wants the empty chair at your table: Hi is someone sitting here?

you: yes

Randomer: ...

You: My mate dave
by Slackjawjohn March 3, 2007
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South African slang meaning everything's OK/cool/just fine thank you. Often said with a unique hand gesture whereupon one makes a fist, with the two fingers at either side remaining extended.
"Safe my mate" is a common and accepted response to a friend's loud (often drunken) inquiry as to one's wellbeing, often from several rows back at a rugby or cricket match.
me: "Hey Mannie! Howzit going, man?"
Mannie: "Safe my mate!"
by Stuart Kelly December 4, 2007
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Phrase used by a buddy telling a tale of something embarrassing that happened to "one of my mates" when clearly it happened to him.
One of my mates was getting off with this right ugly bird when......

One of my mates used to wrap his penis around a back loofer .....

One of my mates used to have sex with his teddybear's ear...
by dgh938peg July 7, 2010
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my mate george took the fucking teapot out the muesuem again
by qwertybutshit February 27, 2021
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