A fletcher is a gang boss. He should be referred to as “boss”. If you don’t call him that he Will break your ankles
Person 1: fletcher is cool
Person 2: don’t call him that he will break your ankles
by fletcher "boss" gang October 21, 2021
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An amazing bright guy that will make a girl fall crazy in love and which she can not live without seeing him every minute. He makes her happy when she sad. You will know when you have met a Fletcher
Girl 1- I think I’m in love

Girl 2- That’s a Fletcher for you
by Laura Howlett December 17, 2018
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Often used as a second name, however when used as a first name the person named is one of the greatest people on the planet. Cool, good-looking, smooth talking and other attractive qualities, usually intelligent, not so intelligent that they are a social outcast, that is for your Micheal's or your Sheldon's but intelligent enough that they are not inept academically.

Usually, Fletcher's are not the tallest of folk, but they make up for it with their big yet lovable personality, also what they lack in height they tend to more than make up for in general fitness. They have many friends, but very few close friends. The key to becoming a close friend of a Fletcher is to give them food.
WOW Fletcher Is such an amazing all round guy. I bet he wishes he was taller though.
by Fletcher Grantham April 19, 2017
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Fletcher is a hot charming guy who can make a girl go crazy for his love he is an Ace student and has alot of friends and is the life of the party!!!
I saw Fletcher and he sais Hey I almost melted in a puddle of love!!!
by Kletcher June 20, 2016
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The best looking, strongest and most importantly has a huge shlong
Fletcher is an alpha male
by Alpha male 123 August 4, 2019
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Not a terrible asshole like all the rest of the definitions would suggest. Actually a pretty nice guy, honest!
Man, that person doing lots of charity work for blind kids with only 7 fingers is a real fletcher!
by Anon23245 February 3, 2010
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a backwards somersault into the 69 position. Only works if the one doing the somersault is very flexible and athletic.
Kyle was trying to give Marissa a fletcher for her birthday but he was out of shape so he broke her nose.
by Khauser18 March 3, 2011
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