Taking wordsunday afternoon/word to the next level.
This refers to the true procrastinators who leave their homework and assignments till monday morning before school.
This takes extreme discipline and speed as it is hard to get up early on a monday, and have the focus to get some work done in that limited time span.
dude, I had to pull a monday morning to get this paper done, I spent the weekend trolling forums and playing games.
by |AoC| JyL November 21, 2005
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a good moment to start sth, for example make an important phonecall you wanted to make already for a while but you did not dare
Well, then, I will do that on Monday morning!
by xalena September 23, 2006
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a condition were one completely melts down at work after a long alcohol and drug filled weekend, usually triggered from a loss of a favorite sporting team. symptoms include but are not limited to, showing up late for work, being completely distraught and unproductive, excessive ranting about the prior game at hand, this individual may be very argumentative, maybe very sweaty, obsession will be obvious when discussing such sporting event, other signs include drinking large amounts of Gatorade, and also a long early morning coffee break. at this time the individual may appear to be coming down. Don't be fooled, the next round of symptoms are about to set in, they include multiple shit brakes at the porter potty, excessive vehicle searches, (one may not ever actually know what may be being looked for), also multiple meaningless phone calls may be in place, followed by lots of back and forth pacing for no reason at all, with random snack hours such as hole bags of potato chips or pretzels, the best way to combat this individual is to make it appear that you yourself are actually the problem. never confront with face to face altercation
Look out the birds lost there's going to be a Monday morning meltdown.

The tragedy find a monday morning meltdown is that jose is the real victem here.
by 7mary3 September 29, 2014
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A term used to describe someone who is optimistic in such situations where a majority of people (or, just one particular person) do not want to hear optimism because it is unwelcome; such as Monday morning in an office enviorment.

This term can also be used outside "the office" to describe someone who just might be too optimistic.
Person: I hate Monday mornings.
Optimist: Oh, but it's the start of a new week, the beginning of a new day! Isn't it beautiful out?
Person: You're such a Monday Morning Optimist... it's annoying.
by Noxilerm May 16, 2007
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A person who analyzes the mistakes they made they day after they've made them. Derived from complaining over quarterbacks on monday morning after the sunday game.
Frank's complaining about what he should've done on his date last night like a Monday Morning Quarterback.
by OverAllComa January 13, 2005
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Monday morning syndrome, also referred to as MMS, is a severe medical condition in which one has bad events occurring one after another. It is suspected that the root cause of MMS is the first day of the week (Monday). There are speculations on how to cure one's MMS, however nothing is medically proven to be 100% effective. The first home remedy is to sleep though this day and bypass the root cause entirely; however is not recommended to those with full-time jobs. Few have gotten medical excuses from work for this, others simply extend their weekend and make Monday the new Sunday; thus creating a new problem on Tuesday.

Symptoms | Head aches, Sleeping through alarms, drowsiness, being late for work, bad traffic, clumsiness, short-tempered... etc.

Solution | Please consult a physician before trying any natural cures.
Employee: excuse me, Mrs. Power.
Boss: Yes bob ?
Employee: I cannot come into work this Monday, the doctor says I have a bad case of MMS, and I should take the week off.
Boss: MMS?
Employee: yeah, she says Monday morning syndrome is a very serious condition.
Boss: oh okay, you had better take the summer off
by Dr. CrustyPimple, MD April 14, 2013
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A girl who sleeps around and then denies it.
He told me he banged her all night, but on Monday she told me all they did was kiss. She's one of those Monday Morning Virgins.
by Pagan Marbury July 21, 2006
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