1. A City Located in Maryland, near DC and Bethesda. Rather big, and not that interesting. Whenever you say 'HEy, I live in Chevy Chase!" Ignoramus people always guffaw and say, "Was it named after Chevy Chase(The Actor)?" In fact, he named himself after Chevy Chase.. Well, a place that I know little about since I usually go to Bethesda and DC.
2.An Actor. Originally name Cornelius Crane Chase. He was in SNL, Caddyshack, and Fletch.
3.An Affluent neighboorhood located in Washington DC
1.Whoa, you live in Chevy Chase? Is it kind of like Bethesda? Dont' poor and rich kids live there?
2.I thought Chevy Chase was a rather funny comedian in SNL, to bad that show went way down when the good guys left.
3.Rich Neighboor hood, how suprising.
by Killercamel June 28, 2005
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person from anywhere outside the DC metro area: So, where are you from?
person from Chevy Chase: “DC”
person from anywhere outside the DC metro area: Washington, DC?
person from Chevy Chase: uh, sorta..
person from anywhere outside the DC metro area: ...sorta?
person from Chevy Chase: Well, i’m from Chevy Chase, MD
person from anywhere outside the DC metro area: Chevy Chase?! Wait, isn’t he an actor?
by isthatarealplace December 23, 2005
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The coolest town ever in DC/Maryland near Bethesda which is also the best town ever! It has Georgetown Cupcake and the apple store and Louis Vuitton and Coach and Jimmy Choo and lots of nice restaurants! The only downside is that to have fun in chevy chase or bethesda when ur a kid.....you need to bring like 100 bux every time
Non-Chevy Chaser: Hey, where do you live?
Chevy-Chaser: I live in Chevy Chase!
Non-Chevy Chaser: damn, I wish I lived there
Chevy Chaser: Its ok you can stay at my 6th house in Potomac!
Non-Chevy Chaser: I'd rather not.
Bethesdar: hey chevy chaser wanna come to Beni Hana tonight with my dad in his Lamborghini?
by dmann56 November 19, 2010
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A shitty ass, predominately white, upper-class city located in Maryland, just north of Washington, DC.

Anyone who lives there is a rich white douchebag who will treat you like shit if you don't drive a luxury car. The kids there have absolutely no taste and are plastic robots who are completely oblivious to reality.

The funnest and easiest way to piss someone from there off is to tell them "Hey, isn't Chevy Chase that actor?". All locals know where Chevy Chase is, we just do that to piss them off because we hate them.
Anyone who doesn't live there: "Hahahaha! Those cold bammas stay out in Chevy Chase!"
by Krill Awareness April 1, 2009
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A Maryland town just outside of Washington, D.C. which was formed long before a certain SNL castmember was born.
We drove to Chevy Chase but when we got there we forgot we left our pet dog tied to the bumper.
by Bill the Cat May 17, 2008
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When one, or a group of people, show up at a party not knowing anyone, become the life of the party and the centre of attention, then disappears into the night never to be seen by anyone else at said party again and leaving everyone to wonder who they were.
Emily: Hey who were those people at my party?
Libby: Not sure, I think they were Chevy-Chasing it last night.
Emily: That's a shame, i can't remember their names...
by ChevyChaser April 27, 2013
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rhyming cockney slang for face
I punched his bloody chevy chase in!
by Danny January 15, 2004
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