"If ya feel me! Throw dem bows up!"
Fam-Lay - Rock n' Roll (this is a rap song by the way, a ghetto one too, don't let the tittle fool ya.)
by The Dragon November 25, 2003
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another word for vagina/pussy, etc. often used with reference to "tying" a bow.
1. Dude, don't be a bow.

2. I want Gillian to wrap her bow so tight around my present.

3. I'm tying some girl's bow right now man, what do you need?

4. Her bow is so tight.
by bowloversanon September 11, 2010
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a phrased used when someone says something stupid, or something that is unexplainable
did u know that georgia peaches were form georgia

by shi1 April 07, 2006
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To bow is to go down on your sexual partner i.e. Performing oral sex. (Most often used as a slang in Jamaica.)
My girlfriend doesn't like to bow so I broke up with her.
by Don mafia February 26, 2010
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Pound of maryjane...from elbow that derives from LB.
I just dropped off a couple of 'bows, and got paid, biatch!
by tigger February 25, 2005
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