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<noun> Geography;

The largest and most populous country in Great Britain, the largest island of an archapelago located 20 miles to the North-West of the European continent. England has borders with Scotland and Wales; Elsewhere, it is mainly bounded by the North sea and the English Channel.
It's capital city is London, which is also it's main economical and governmental heart. The government itself is known as a parliamentary democracy consisting of political parties whose members are elected into 'seats' in the House of Commons. Each member represents a constituency (usually a city or group of towns) and if elected is then known as an MP or Member of Parliament.
The Monarchy of England is symbolic and plays no powerful role in the political system, although they are the rulers of the State, and the Commonwealth by name.
London is also the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with it's members: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (in order of land mass).
Britain had the largest empire ever known, covering just under one third of the Earth's surface, on which "the sun never set."

==> The name 'England' derives from "Angle-Land" from the Anglo-Saxons who settled here in the 4th-8th centuries A.D. Which also explains foreign names for our country, e.g. "Angleterre" in French.
ENGLISH PERSON: "I am from England."

ENGLISH PERSON 2: "Oh. Me too."
by Stuart Fletcher May 15, 2005
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The correct spellings and grammar of English words may only be found in an English dictionary, from England.

If you were to consult an American version of the English dictionary, you would find many perversions of our language within.
Why do the Americans insist that their spellings are correct just because their country is bigger than England? We spoke it first, we spelt it first, we wrote the first dictionary, the language is called English, when did 'Americanism' first enter our language? Who was the first fool to miss off the U in 'colour,' the S in 'maths,' the I in 'Aluminium' and the UE in 'analogue?'

It's so unfortunate...
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
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The way that some people, mostly on the internet type 'enough' to either save typing an extra letter, seem like a cool person or because they actually think that 'enuff' is the correct spelling.

==> Probably originated in Haydock, England.
Andy: "Hi"
Fletch: "Hey"
Andy: "ho r u"
Fletch: "Not so bad, how are you?"
Andy: "nt gttin enuff sleep lol"
Fletch: "That's too bad."
Andy: "I no lol mite stay ov college 2mrw"
Fletch: "AGAIN?"

(... etc you get the idea.)
by Stuart Fletcher January 12, 2005
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Ideology; (pronounced: "Ex-Oh-Zen-Oh-Pay-Tree-Ot-Iz-Um")

1. When someone is more loyal and a patriot of another country more than their country of residence. The term isn't counted for migrants who may still love their country of origin more than the one they moved to.

{origin: Exo; outside. Xeno; Race. Patriot; A lover of one's country}
USAGE: exoxenopatriotism, exoxenopatriot, exoxenopartriotic

Andrew is an exoxenopartiot because if Britain and America were at war with eachother, he'd fight for America.
(But he wouldn't be much good to them anyway.)
by Stuart Fletcher September 24, 2005
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1) Literal, Biblical; The wings of an angel.
2) Offensive, Slang; (Of a woman) Fat which gathers at the top of the arms, usually at the back so when she lifts her arms up, the flabbyness is revealed. Also known as 'Bingo Wings' for this reason.
1) Seraphim had angel wings.
2) Sarah had angel wings...
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
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<noun> slang;

A baked good, such as a cake or a brownie etc laced with hemp or another drug in order to get high whilst enjoying a tasty snack.
HOMER: "Have you got any Space Cakes?"
ARISTOTLE: "Yeah, but Archemedes ate them all. He is so gone."
by Stuart Fletcher February 26, 2005
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<noun> Chiefly British Slang

1) To be one of a mentally diminished nature. See: retard

==> Term is a derivative of 'special' as some mentally challenged people are put in special areas of school and/or are known as "special people."

The term is used in a lighthearted sense to people who are not clinically disabled. Merely people who are known for doing absurd or stupid things.
FLETCH: "That fucking Fisheye... He's such an idiot!"
SCOTT: "Yeah he's such a fucking spesh."
FISHEYE: "Huh huh, I'm making a brew, shag yer bird, shag yer bird! Huh huh!"
by Stuart Fletcher April 2, 2005
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