something that is radical, cool, or otherwise awesome. something that is snow is generally the shit, being top score, bitchin, etc. the word is derived from the fact that snow is generally off the hook in its beauty, power, and pimpery
duuuuude I just saw Predator and it was sooooo snow

(on top of a bitchin mountian)
the view up here is hella snow
by bthompsofffsky April 14, 2011
Coke, cocaine. Used primarily by huffing through the nostrils snow can also be freebased and inhaled.
The cops pulled me over and i had to swallow 3 grams of snow.
by Krackershaft November 29, 2002
Stuff that you think looks beautiful in December but when March rolls around you are sick of the stuff.
December 4: Oh, look it is snowing. How lovely for the holidays
March 4: I am sick of this fucking snow. When will it ever get spring and melt that goddamm stuff. I hate shoveling.
by Kyle 230 December 7, 2009
A frozen white fluffy form of rain that will keep you out of school for a day. Usually seen in the winter season.
Yeah! There's snow on the ground.
by myheartismissing November 9, 2006
"Thank god we got snow this time, I'm so sick of snorting the usual gravel!"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
a beautiful girl, incredibly pretty and gifted but doesn't realise it
"woah, she's so talented!"
"yea man she's a snow"
by GoddessOfFire July 13, 2019
stuff that falls from the sky at christmas and it tastes nice
yum i like eating snow on christmas eve
by me July 22, 2003