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The breasts that are usually big
Hey, you with the big mountains!
by Liam March 19, 2005
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The same as a peak/boid etc. It's an insult to make someone upset and you can't comeback to it. Usually used when someone has done something stupid like fallen over.
Lewis: "Haha you fell over that is Mountain for you"
by Anzio24 November 28, 2011
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Well, all I know, is that there apparently aint a single one of them thats high enough to keep me from from gettin' to you,
"Cause baby there aint no mountain high enough! Aint no valley low enough! Aint to ri-ver wide enough! To keep me from getting to you!"
by ..-. --- -..- June 13, 2019
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A person who is particularly bootylicious. Usually a Mexican male who strangely enough lives in Pinole, CA. He is a rare breed.
"Dayum, girl. Look at that guy's ass. It's the biggest mountain I can see!"
by fayf October 18, 2008
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