Pronounciation of fifty if you have been shot nine times (once in the mouth!)
All the girls are like fiddy, your so priddy, on my dick like i ghost-write for p diddy
by Jamus February 6, 2004
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Fiona has a nice fiddie.
by Hal9000 November 17, 2007
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Non-standard pronunciation of the number 50 (fifty), also used for the rapper 50 Cent.
"DJ Format, a producer and DJ who hails from Southampton, makes no secret of his dislike of current hip-hop and If You Can't Join 'em... Beat 'em is as un-Fiddy as is possible." ( review of DJ Format's 2nd album)
by eysiz April 14, 2005
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It is a numerical value equal to or close to the number 50
Have you seen, Mario lately, he used to be small. He has been hitting the gym and bulking up. He must weigh about 2 Fiddy now.
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1. Slang for the number "fifty". Usually associated with a speech impediment or accdent.

2. Fiddy-Fiddy or "fifty-fifty" is a way of describing a transexual/shemale.
1. Oi, dis cost me fiddy pounds!
2. Watch out man, Thai hookers might be fiddy-fiddys.
by chenry August 31, 2004
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A bag of weed worth $50. Common saying in New Zealand. Does not mean people who can't spell say this.. its just safer to say fiddy then fifty.
Girl : Can I buy some weed?
Vijay : I only have fiddy bags...
Girl : Oh, how much do fiddy bags cost?
by darkmyst May 1, 2006
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cum, came, ejaculated.

"Story behind it is, I had Ham and Philly! sandwiches, got it on my trousers, looked like cum, Rick said 'fiddied'
It's new.
I arrive at school at half past 7
Look up the dinner ladies skirt, it is heaven!
Go to my homeboys on tha back TARMAC!
Shoot a couple of hoops, then i'm knack-
Got my appointment with Mr Hird,
But before that, I threw a rock at a bird!
Because i'm hard, scarred for life,
I nearly got suspended 'cos I fiddied* on my teacher's wife!
I did it in a detention, that bitch was on her pension.
I had to write a letter of apology!
Got told off
Went to Science, fell asleep, OH MY GOD, i'm in deep..
OHHHHHHH, I ain't swearin', it is bad!!
Stay in school, it ain't a fad.
Wanna work in Tesco's?
Learn, get an education, get lot's of money,
Next time you will see me, i'll have lost my virginity to a bunny.

by avenged_mortimer! March 15, 2007
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