When someone looks at you from head to toe repeatedly. Usually to see if someone is worth your time or downright stupid. All in all...
It's a rude gesture
A: The most popular girl in school weighed me when l told her she looked gwash.
B: She is a shallow little which!!!
by Nesy!!! April 5, 2016
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Arron gave some lair to the bouncer and got proper weighed in.

Mate, I suggest you shut up now, you're about to get weighed in.
by Arnold J. Vadgehammer October 17, 2007
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dem boys are gonna get weighed
by I-Mc January 23, 2004
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To place your weight into a situation where it wasnt previously.

Also applies to the act, of physically weighing an item.
"Did you hear about Trish talking to James about what he did Monday?"

"Yeah. Last thing needed was her weighing in tbh"


"Come on son! Lets weigh in this fish we just spent the day hunting in the name of father son bonding. Looks pretty heavy!"
by AliBarFarHaHa October 3, 2008
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To become intoxicated via heavy amounts of alcohol.
Person 1: You going out tonight?
Person 2: Yeah, I got paid, I'm gonna get weighed in.
by Barry Malice-Son December 9, 2016
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