A guy that’s funny, ridiculous. Well, if you have a friend called Mario, you’re lucky. He’s lazy but smart ( like a lot ). He has quite the temper, I guess..... don’t know. He likes anime, that’s for sure
Hey Mario, whatcha doin’?
Trying to do stuff, I guess....
by SuperJesse May 18, 2019
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A young man wondering why the fuck everybody's posting these lies they call definitions of their names.
Mario is like you hoe need to stop this fuckery.
by Mars rocket December 21, 2016
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As in Super Mario, the fatass druggie I'm about to fuck up your entire childhood with right now. So as we know, there's this big, badass, scary looking, fire-breathing turtle guy with a prosperous kingdom of turtles and walking mushrooms who is known for constantly capturing the princess of the all-respected Mushroom Kingdom. Seriously though, if Princess Peach is getting captured that often, you'd think her castle would have a better defense system, or some kind of Toad army, right? Well, no, the reason? My theory is that Peach wants to be with Bowser... I mean its quite obvious, you see, for this kind of trend to keep going on hundreds of times, it's near certain that Peach wants to be kidnapped, because if she didn't, her castle would have a strong defense system, a military, and Peach would have to be under armed guard all the time. So anyway, Princess Peach uses this "kidnapping" thing as a cover-up to go to Bowser's castle, because simply put, they are in love with each other, and sometimes, when masturbation isn't enough, they need to meet up and have some fun...
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Sonic but has actual good games.
Sonic: "Why is Sonic Forces so shitty"

Mario: "You wish you had Super Mario Odyssey bitch"
by LolCringe August 22, 2019
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A video game about a guy. He's an Italian plumber created by Japanese people who speaks English and looks like a Mexican.

And runs like a jamaican

and jumps like a black man

And grabs coins like a Jew
"I really like playing that Mario Kart game!
by Manlyman654 December 10, 2016
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Mario’s are a great people to be around them they will be rude at times but they can also steal your heart away . They can be as cruel but have a soft heart that everyone can love . They are funny kind and they will always be there when u most need them .
Yo mario is always there when I need him. Ikr
by Ur kiddo May 28, 2019
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A male name common in Italy and throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Men named Mario are characterized by rugged good looks, superior athletic skills, above average sexual endowment, and a wry sense of humor.
That Mario's a real pimp.

Mario, can I be your friend?

How about a BJ, Mario?
by Soy el capitan February 10, 2010
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