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The absolute best people on the earth. A Mario can always make you smile even when your sad or angry. He’ll go to great lengths to make sure your happy. And 99.9 percent of the time he will succeed. He is a person that you just fall in love with. You fall in love with his eyes, his voice, the way he dresses, his personality, just everything about him you will love. You will want to spend every waking moment of your life with him because he will make you the absolute happiest. Happier than you have ever been. If you’re lucky you will get to see him regularly and if you do then you will fall for him pretty quickly. You will start to love every inch of him. And miss him so much when he’s gone. He is selfless and cares about everyone around him. He’s great at socializing and kind of shy at some times. Just his smile could light up your whole day. He will be concerned about you and want to make sure you’re ok. You will look forward to spending your time with him and he will be the first person you look for in a crowd. He is overall just the most amazing person you will ever meet. So if you meet one, don’t let them go.
by Just an anonymous lover May 03, 2018
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Mario is a guy who is amazing in the sheets. He is a big playa fo shure. He is also one of the most halrious guys you will ever meet!!! He can be an pain in the ass at times but once you are alone.. he is really sweet. If you lose a mario...yhu will miss him a hell of alot. NO DOUBT.
Person 1: Dammmn mann.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Can't get Mario outta my mind man.
Person 2: No kidding me either.
by Flaquita Bonita March 22, 2011
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An Italian-American plumber named after the land lord of Shigeru Miyamoto back in the early 80's. Mario, originally a carpenter, fights evil creatures such as: Donkey Kong (they later become friends), Koopas (bad turtles ruled by King Koopa more commonly called Bowser), goombas (evil mushroomesque fellows), piranha plants, and many more.

Mario's younger brother, Luigi, and he own a small plumbing business in Brooklyn. They were once summoned to an emercengy plumbing problem at which they were required to fix a shower. Upon completion of the task, both of the brothers were sucked into the shower head and transported undergroung. Thus begun their adventures. IN the beginning, all they had to do was jump on turtles ad crabs that came out of pipes, but later they were magically transported to another world. They came to the Mushroom Kingdom. Here it was that they had to rescue the princess and fight the evil hordes of Bowser's army. Mario and Luigi both can use numerous powers such as: a cape, the toonooki, the frog suit, the star, fireballs, metal cap, and many more. They also have a dinosaur buddy named Yoshi that they ride upon and force to consume enemies and berry-like fruits.

Super Mario games have proven to be some of the most entertaining and fun games of all time. They are without a doubt the best action/platformers of all time.
You... You wanna play Boggle or Super Mario Brothers?
by Jerry Friends December 18, 2003
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1.Game character who possesses a sharp cock of colossal size with which he uses to penetrate angry cock-like mushrooms, horny turtles and above all, princess Peach.

2.A seductive Italian plumber who jumps and walks like niggers, swoop coins like the jews, was made by the Japaneses, communicate through English, somehow looks like a Mexican.
-Mario kills anything in his way without remorse to obtain that princess's pussy.
-Mario ravaged me with his sharp 12 inch cock last night now I can't move at all.
by BlowJewsToAsh October 04, 2019
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A male name common in Italy and throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Men named Mario are characterized by rugged good looks, superior athletic skills, above average sexual endowment, and a wry sense of humor.
That Mario's a real pimp.

Mario, can I be your friend?

How about a BJ, Mario?
by Soy el capitan February 10, 2010
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The sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

kind , caring nevers wanta to hurt you. Always a laugh hes boyfriend material, if you lose a mario you'll regret it for the rest of your life becauses hes just perfect :) xxx
omg did you see mario?
yeah he was so sweet!
by loveyouu:) April 20, 2011
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Mario is one of the cutest, nicest, smart, funny and supportive people you'll ever meet, even though he can sometimes be a drama queen. His perfect Latino color puts it all together for him.
Mario is perfect.
by nostalgia nikki May 27, 2017
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