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To be on steroids that develops your muscles to exaggeration
Man did you see that guy’s biceps, we must be on rhoids.
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The hamock like space created inside your trousers when you pull down your pants and underwear when sitting on the toilet.
In order keep my cellphone from faling out of my back pocket when i need to poop i my my phone in my crotch pocket
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A saying that is a synomn for heads up or watch out. It is used to gain one attention.
I yelled think fast as the batter’s broken bat flew into the bleachers
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To obviously out perform an opponent in a sporting event
That wide receiver for Ohio State caught 15 passes for 200 yards in the game. He schooled Michigan’s defensive secondary
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To do something well or to excel at something.
My little brother can pitch like nobody’s business. He struck out 6 batters in a row in the game yesterday.
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1. To be awake
2. To be in better position financially; increase your status; getting paid
1. I was up three times last night. I just could not sleep
1. I got a new job. I am so up that I bought my boo a brand new car.
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