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Referring to a place or situation dominated by men or males
I went to the club on ladies night to hook up and it was a mandemic inside. Three females 59 dudes
by Breaking dancing on cardboard October 11, 2020
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To advance in a completion so swiftly and unexpectedly that the opponent is caught off guard in disbelief that it happened
Lewis Hamilton passed all 4 cars ahead of him in the first lap of the race that they we all left for dead
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A discourse marker, typically used to emphasize a response during an interview that is a counterpoint
Reporter :Billy, people say that you are a shroud negotiator

Billy: Look, that is not accurate I just want to make sure that both parties benefit.
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A pale almost transparent non-healthy skin color on Caucasians . Usually on parts of the body that are covered from the sun.
Do you see how pastie that girls thigh was? You could see all of the veins in her leg
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To do something well or to excel at something.
My little brother can pitch like nobody’s business. He struck out 6 batters in a row in the game yesterday.
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