A person who's error or costly action makes friends look bad or draws unwanted attention. Usually due to something breaking, spilling or losing the game etc.

See heat bag
He scored on his own net.. what a cost
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
The past tense of the word "cost", for those people that just don't get it.
Jimmy: "my computer only costed me 600 bucks"
Enif: "actually i think the correct word would be 'cost'"
Jimmy: "no! go look it up on urbandictionary.com!"
by x3crystal June 10, 2009
A Costes is a BEAUTIFUL kind person. Once you find a Costes don’t let her go, she will do anything to make you happy. She is so kind and you will not want to do anything without her. Everyone loves her and wants to see her all the time. Trust me you will not want to lose your Costes
Omg she is such a Costes I need to go to the mall with her.
by Piggy9987 January 28, 2018
Having bad luck. Not getting the best result. Getting wrecked
Drake: Meek Mill got costed when I dropped the diss track on him
by TheYoungSinatra February 9, 2017
Adjective used as a synonym to cool, neat, awesome, money and the like. Used to express your appreciation, satisfaction, or positive opinion about something.
1. "Man, that new shirt is cost!"
2. "You're lookin' cost today bro."
3. "That movie was cost! Let's go see it again!"
by RogueMind July 13, 2008
The price at which something was purchased for
This fake rolex costed me four dollars.
by Nosnam August 17, 2003
a word used to describe how much something was in the past tense.
The coffee costed one dollar.
by t-roon February 14, 2009