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See ecstasy

Extasy is another word for ecstasy, usually people who can't spell ecstasy spell it like extasy for short
Smart person : Ecstasy

Dumb person : Extasy
by darkmyst August 30, 2005
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The most common colour to paint your RWD mazda, toyota, etc in New Zealand. A dull dark paint usually applied with spray cans, A cheap way of making your car look "gangster". But in reality 99% of "Matt black" paint jobs are shit.
Matt black it auuu!!
by darkmyst May 01, 2006
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What Indian gangsters say in New Zealand when they see any car that should deserve a matt black paint job. Matt black usually attracts cops cause its a dodgy colour.
Vijay : Matt black it auuuu
Me : Nah its all good.
Vijay : You need to matt black it auuuu.
by darkmyst May 01, 2006
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A unique way of smoking marijuana. Put two kitchen knives on a stove/oven/something really hot. You warm the knives up until they're very very hot, then you get both the knives (Make sure to wrap the part of the knife where you'll be grabbing it. Then, Get a little glob of weed, preferably about 1/2 of a bud then make sure it sits/sticks to one knife then crunch the weed with the flat part of both the knives, this should produce a large amount of smoke. Make sure theres a cut bottle for the smoke to raise into, then when its full, suck all the smoke out.. Its probably one of the strongest ways of getting high.

There maybe other definitions to this way of smoking it, but this is the name used in New Zealand.
Bob : I saw this chick spotting when I went to her house the other day?

Me: Oh true did you have some spots?

Bob : Hells yeah they fully fu*ked me up!
by darkmyst August 28, 2005
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Alcohol shots that aren't meant to be shots
Like Wine, beer, or anything ridiculous like that, people tend to take shots with all sorts of alcohol as it is a good way of seeing how much you can drink.
Ugly shots are usually used by young snot nosed kids thinking they're cool, but some people do it for the fuck of it. Also see shots
"Man, why do we have to do ugly shots!?"

"Dude, just do it alright, i've had like 39 beer shots so far but I still don't feel anything."
by darkmyst January 24, 2006
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A marketplace for New Zealanders to buy and sell online..

Its like A New Zealand Ebay.
Lets go to trade me...

Types in "www.trademe.co.nz" in address bar..

yay, I'm on trademe.
by darkmyst August 28, 2005
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Short term for Psycho

People who can't spell Psycho say syco.
Person who can't spell psycho : Yo dis syco caem up to mi nd sht mi in da fec fr splln so bdly.

Me : Good, but obviously you haven't learnt your lesson.
by darkmyst August 29, 2005
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